A Day in the Life (2 Years Later)

I love Facebook’s Timehop–seeing what I was posting or doing years ago. It’s fun (and frightening!) to see that college graduation was so many years ago or that we had that one cold day in May last year too.

Two years ago, I took pictures for a day in our life. Liam was almost two years old, and I had just found out I was pregnant with Walt. I always meant to do an updated Day in the Life last year, but I never got around to it (survival mode!). However, on a random day at the end of April, I pulled out my camera and started documenting.

Interestingly it would have been such a different day if I had photographed a day in the life last year (Liam was almost three, and Walt was four months old). But that extra year in between means that our days now are actually quite similar to what they were two years ago. It also showed me that the things that are a part of our family culture–walks, reading, daily quiet time–have survived a new baby.


Most mornings we wake up around 8. Sometimes Liam wakes up earlier (before Jon leaves for work), and Jon will turn on Chuggington for him for a little while. When I get up (usually Walt gets up, too), we make coffee and then go into the living room to read for a little while. Usually we read our preschool books for the week and then any others that Liam or Walt choose.

After our reading time on this particular day, we went to the kitchen to make breakfast. While I made pancakes, Liam and Walt played outside (have I mentioned how much we love warmer weather?).




We ate breakfast and then did some of our preschool activities. We use this curriculum and do one letter each week. Liam loves the rhythm of it. On this day, we made clay sea creatures out of Sculpey clay. Walt usually plays a little on his own, but mostly he wants to sit with us (which generally means chaos). You can see Liam checking on our sea creatures a little later.


We then spent more time playing outside. We jumped on the trampoline and checked out our garden.


Then we got ready to go for a walk. If it’s not a grocery shopping day, we usually do a walk or visit a playground nearby. We stopped by the pond to check for tadpoles.



Some of these pictures are nearly replicas of the ones two years ago, just with a baby added. If you’re in the season of adjusting to two kids, just know that it will get back to normal eventually (a new and better normal!).

We ate lunch and then got ready for quiet time. Walt naps while Liam plays in his room. This has been a year long process, but most days, quiet time goes really smoothly now.



After quiet time, we had some reading and play time.



Many days, we hang out at home. Or we will go to the playground or walk if we didn’t earlier. On this particular day, we needed to get out of the house, so we met up with my sister for a bike ride. This is how getting ready to leave the house usually goes (basically I have no idea what is going on here, and it doesn’t really pertain to the outing at all).


We biked to the toy store and stopped by the playground.



Then we went home. Jon came home, and we grilled for dinner. The boys had leftover broccoli cheddar soup.


After dinner, Jon usually entertains the boys while I shower. Then it’s time for teeth-brushing and bedtime (usually around 9pm). I read to Liam before bed. We just finished Little House in the Big Woods and are back to his favorite–The Boxcar Children. 


Looking at these pictures makes the day look more peaceful to me than it actually was. There are so many uncaptured hard parts and frustrations, especially trying to balance both of their needs. This was a fairly typical day, though, and it really was a good one! I will put these photos and text into our yearly photo album too because it’s so fun to look back on the progression of a day.

I’m always craving more routine because it seems like a clear, clock-driven schedule would remove all chaos and uncertainty (I know that’s not true!). But I’m finding that flexible rhythms develop naturally and then, even if we go through a season of sickness or travel, we end up re-finding those rhythms again. I know one day I’ll long for these days, even the most mundane little moments.

P.S. Here’s one of my favorite essays about daily life with kids. Such a beautiful reminder!

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