Guest Post: Coffee + Crumbs

  Today I'm over at Coffee + Crumbs with an essay called "Mind the Gaps." Here's an excerpt:

I often find myself parenting the little girl inside of me, trying to fix the gaps and heal the wounds of my own childhood. This is why cool, summer mornings make me feel like I should take my kids on a walk and teach them the names of trees as my mom did. It’s why I hate sending my son to his room alone when he’s upset because I remember sitting in my room after stomping off, wishing my mom would come comfort me.

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Guest Post: Mothers Always Write

I'm so excited to be featured in the April issue of Mothers Always Write. Click over to read my essay, "Blue Glass Candlesticks and the Dream of Family Dinner." Here's an excerpt:

Family dinner became a symbol for me of what our family could be, yet I was always failing, too lazy to get my act together and be a real mom. Real moms didn’t hold their babies on their laps during dinner or let their toddlers interrupt. Real moms could time the day so the child wasn’t fussy just as dinner was being made.

While you're there, check out the editor's letter that weaves the essays and poems together on the theme of spring cleaning. It's beautiful! I also love "Lessons from the Past". The whole issue has been such a timely one.

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Guest Post: The Laundry Moms

DSC04565 Today I'm excited to be posting over at The Laundry Moms, a site that provides encouragement and ideas for moms and wives. I'm sharing a key lesson I've learned about marriage.

He was standing at the kitchen sink cleaning up after dinner as he does most nights. In his hand was a dishrag. As he gave the sink a final wipe-down, my husband turned to me, “Did you see how clean the kitchen is now?”

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Guest Post at Coffee + Crumbs

photo by Sarah Thornhill Today I'm honored to be posting over at Coffee + Crumbs, a site devoted to motherhood. My favorite thing about Coffee + Crumbs is the way the authors present both the delight and difficulty of motherhood without reducing either. I eagerly anticipate each new post, and I'm so excited to be a part of it today.

Head over to check out my post, "Chipping Polish" (which you may remember if you've been reading this blog since the beginning).

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