Ponderings on November First

DSC02258 We woke up to find a light dusting of snow this morning. It seems a bit much, but at least the snow waited until November. Every day we lose more leaves, but it has been so gorgeous out. I'm not quite ready to have to bundle up in order to leave the house.

I've been so tired this week. I'm not sure if it's the colder weather or recovering from the busyness of our trip last weekend. I seem to get super tired around this time every year. I always forget about it until the next year. But it has been very discouraging to feel so tired. I've taken long naps each day (even though they don't seem to help much), and I'm popping my vitamins.  Do you feel extra tired as the seasons change and the days get shorter?

While my oatmeal cooks*, I want to give you a few things I've loved this week.

1. I love this post about productivity I found through Modern Mrs. Darcy. The fourth point is particularly interesting. To me, it explains why sometimes it's okay to let housework and smaller tasks slide while you tackle a bigger project.

2. This post from Art of Simple articulated some of the thoughts that have been spinning around in my head recently. I love how she shows that simple living doesn't look one way or necessarily mean less of everything.

3. If you're in the trenches of sleep deprivation with an infant OR a child, this post from Coffee + Crumbs was perfect.

4. One of my favorite podcasts is Kat Lee's "How They Blog." She has a great idea I'm trying to implement about having multiple hats and focusing on one at at time. I could explain it, but you're better off listening to her explain it here.

5. I loved Lindsey's post this week about getting dressed. My capsule wardrobe has helped tremendously with this.

And I'll leave you with a picture of our little cow from last night. We found a cow suit in a bag of hand-me-downs and discovered that pressing the front of it makes it moo. Perfect.


*and eat it and entertain a very demanding toddler while typing one-handed...