What I'm Into: October 2014

IMG_2287 As much as I want to complain about the time change, I'm starting to actually feel rested again after I complained about my fall fatigue here (even after Liam's Sunday morning 5:50 wake up). It may have nothing to do with the time change, but I do find my energy returns each fall around the time change.

Still, hours of dark in the evening can make the whole stay-at-home mom thing extra hard. I'm getting by with extra long naps and a much more flexible schedule. Liam has learned to point to or pat the ground when he wants us to sit and play with him which is always. It's wonderfully endearing and fun, but it can be a bit hard to explain to one so young that you need to finish the laundry or the dinner first.

The biggest event this month was our long weekend with Jon's family. I wrote a little bit about it here. Most of the family came, and we had a wonderful time. It was certainly the most beautiful weekend of the entire year.

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This month we also went to a fabulous playground near our home, stopped by a tiny apple orchard for apples and cider, and have continued our weekly breakfasts out (these almost save my sanity as I look forward to them all week!).

Liam was a cow for Halloween (which consisted of a drop-in at a friend's house before seeking warmth and shelter at my dad's). After seeing them on Alisha's blog, I made these beads for my niece's birthday. We didn't get around to pumpkin carving, but we have taken many fall walks. I'm definitely not ready for it to get cold!

With two months left, I've been going back through my goals to figure out which ones I need to accomplish. I'm encouraged by the progress I've made this year, and hope to share an update this week (plus I know you haven't heard much about my word for 2014 lately!).

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Five Stars: Sweet Sleep, The Thirteenth Tale, Hold On to Your Kids, Kiss Me! (a reread)

Other Reads: Bronte's Shirley, Bossypants, My Child Won't Eat, Silver Bay, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, The Girl You Left Behind, Operating Instructions

Reading: A Year of Biblical Womanhood

 Liam's Top Picks: Books by Jonathan London (transportation ones rather than the Froggy series), Truck Stuck, Sheep in a Jeep, Little Hide and Seek Things That Go



Once again, we made Summer's chili (from the comments) for Jon's family. It is just amazing, and the smoked paprika makes is so unique.

We also love her broccoli chicken rice and we even made it with quinoa instead of rice. It's so comforting.

We made a quinoa enchilada casserole for our small group this weekend, and it was really good with tortilla chips.

I love Kate's ginger lovies.

I got a stack of cookbooks from the library and have especially enjoyed this one. Some crockpot recipes can be so "meh" when you're just dumping cans into the pot. This cookbook still involves work, but it's earlier in the day. Then everything cooks in the crockpot and gets some excellent flavors. I thought the french onion soup was amazing.


I love my capsule wardrobe and how it has simplified my life. Thredup and Twice are two great sites for helping develop a wardrobe. I've been surprised at how "like new" everything I ordered has been! (If you use my links, we each get money to spend on the site).

I'm working on compiling our phone/iPad/camera short videos into a longer home video of Liam's first year. I did a short video (with music and pictures) to celebrate his birth and first few days. But for the rest, I just want to hear our voices and see our home (isn't that the best part of home videos!?). What do you do for home videos?

Links I’ve Enjoyed:

My Writing

This month I was so excited to be featured on Coffee + Crumbs, a site whose posts I eagerly await on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Some of my posts on this blog have been my favorites so far because they've been in the works for so long. I finally posted about watching my husband become a father, learning to be a part of his family, and my baby's initial hatred for his carseat. I also wrote about my secret weapon and some lessons learned from getting rid of a pink striped shirt.

Raising Kids These Days

I haven't written as much for Raising Kids These Days this month, but I plan to start some book reviews over there. I did write about the lessons parenting has taught me about teaching and the lessons teaching taught me about parenting. I finished up my series on independence and posted about spoiled kids. I have a lot of thoughts swirling around that I'm working on nailing down into posts.

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How was your October?