What I'm Into: January 2014

IMG_8881 I love January. It may be that it's my birth month, but I think it's also the feeling of a fresh start. I've worked through goals and plans, tried to finish up our yearly family album, and spent a lot of time reading. I'm also challenging myself to get outside each day, which is harder some cold days than others.

Liam is at such a fun age. Eighteen months is just wonderful. It seems that he learns new words (or clever ways of communicating!) each day, and he is able to participate in so many daily tasks.

Visiting was a huge part of January for us. We took two day trips to see Jon's family, and my sister-in-law and nieces came to visit for a couple of days. Cooking was another huge facet due to our 21 day Paleo experiment (otherwise known as a failed Whole30 which I will write about later this week).



Five Stars: Boys Adrift: To moms of boys and those who work with them, I recommend this along with Raising Cain // Montessori from the Start (reread but even better the second time!).

Other Reads: Lizzy & Jane (I did not love this one as much as Dear Mr. Knightley), Voyager, and Mommy, Teach Me: I found this one through Becca's blog (Just don't get mixed up and order Teach Me Mommy instead like I did), The Joyful Child (a good re-read on Montessori education).

Reading: Lila (so, so good. I want to just read Marilynne Robinson all the time), Drums of Autumn, The Smartest Kids in the World (as a former teacher, parts of this rubbed me the wrong way), The Wisdom of the Enneagram (fabulous so far)

Liam Reads: Pots and Pans, Read-Aloud Bible Stories Volume 3, Outside (an absolutely beautiful book!), The Goodnight Train, anything with transportation (still!)

Listening: Classical Pandora, Children's Jazz, To Be Like Jesus (a children's CD based on the fruits of the Spirit; I've been listening since high school!).


Links I've Enjoyed:

I love that one of Ann-Marie's goals this year is to drink better coffee. Genius!

Lara Casey's series is awesome. Following through her process means goals that are deep and full. I can't recommend her stuff enough!

Coffee + Crumbs has had some amazing posts lately. This one and this one were two of my favorites.

I can't stop thinking about this article about paper books vs. Kindle books. I have to admit, I do tend to forget what I read much more quickly on the Kindle, but it is so handy to have it for one-handed or middle-of-the-night reading. Still I'm finding joy again in paper books during the day. I've also read it's important for children to see us read paper books, so that's another encouragement to pull from a physical bookshelf (plus I can't always get E books from the library!).

We started painting this month!

Saving My Life

 Anne at Modern Mrs. Darcy had a wonderful link-up recently about things that were saving her life. Here are mine:

  1. My Chemex: After reading Elise's blog for a while, I decided to buy a Chemex for my birthday. So worth it! I love that it pushes me to know more about coffee (I've secretly always wanted to be a coffee connoisseur).


  1. Outside time: We try to get at least a little every day. It's one of the daily goals on my PowerSheets.
  1. Montessori: I reread Montessori from the Start and love seeing how I have already implemented some ideas. But I also love learning new ideas to try with our now nineteen-month-old. I have a post about Montessori at 19 months coming up. Suffice it to say, Montessori has changed my entire outlook and our days.
  1. Accepting extra sleep when it comes: I try to  balance time with the fluffy pink blanket with January's fresh enthusiasm.
  1. Our kitty: I am one of the last people who should have owned a cat due to my allergies. But when a stray turned up at our family farm, we decided to adopt her (Liam had fallen in love). We call her Kitty (so creative!), and Liam can say, "There's Kitty" in the cutest high-pitched voice you ever heard. The best part is, if I let her in for a few minutes here and there, I seem to suffer no allergies (thanks to hardwood floors) and she entertains Liam marvelously (which is why you might actually get to read this post).
  1. Baking/Classical music time with Liam: I put him in his FunPod and we bake together while listening. It is such a relaxing time. We may try preparing our baking at his little table next in true Montessori fashion. I also need to find him an apron... or make one.
  1. Veggies: We are trying to incorporate them in two-three meals a day. The difference in how we feel when we do is amazing!
  2. House Shoes: These are a game-changer on cold days. I don't know how I forgot about mine for so long.

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What are you into right now?