Long Time No Post

Since I last wrote, a lot has happened. We've been in full swing summer mode. And we're expecting a baby! IMG_0534

I'm due in the middle of January, and we are super excited. I'm nineteen weeks along (though thirteen in the picture) and so glad to be feeling human again.

We found out we were expecting at the beginning of May. I took a pregnancy test--thinking it was too early--right before small group. There was only one line. I took a shower. When I got out, there was a very, very faint second line. We did some Googling (what else do you do?!), and I concluded that any line is a line, however faint. Jon was not convinced until we repeated the test a few days later and got a slightly darker line. We were super excited, and Liam immediately started talking about the baby (though I don't think he has any idea what it really means!).


As I was writing my last day-in-the-life post, the nausea was starting to hit. But I thought that it might pass me by this time. Then it really got me for the next few months. I finally adopted the motto, "Fake it til you feel it," hoping that if I just lived life, the nausea would go away. While that motto worked for my energy levels, eating was still a challenge. Oddly, the thought of writing and the sight of certain books made me super sick as well until the nausea passed a few weeks ago.

Every time I thought of blogging, the nausea would intensify. So I finally stopped worrying about it and decided to live my life. We had a wonderful summer, made even better because my sister was in town. We made a bucket list, which helped us really live up the summer. My sister is super good with kids, and Liam adores her. It was life-saving having her here. We were very sad when she left to go back for her third year of teaching.


Here's what I've been thinking about and reading:

Old age: I'm reading (well, listening to) Being Mortal, which is a crucial read for everyone. It's about how we deal with aging and death as a culture and as individuals. Gawande, a doctor, does not hide from the complexity of the issue, and I've learned so much about the history of nursing homes, what it means to live in a mortal body, and the goals of youth vs. age.

How we raise babies: It's no secret that I'm hesitant about our typical views and expectations of infancy. Our Babies, Ourselves looks at the evolutionary aspect of infancy and shows that much of parenting is based on culture, not biological needs. Interestingly, America may be one of the most out of touch nations when it comes to the physiological needs of babies. I loved this post on breastfeeding infants, as well, and it typifies a lot of my struggles in the early weeks. I also love "The Thing (in your head) That Might Change Everything."

Pregnancy: I've been thinking a lot about faith and hope, especially in the first trimester. I worry so much more than I remember (although Jon assures me I was just as worried about the baby the first time) and can't wait until we get to the point when I often feel the baby kick during the day.

Other fabulous reads include: The Royal WeLouise Penny's Inspector Gamache seriesGlittering ImagesUnbroken, Rules of CivilityCrossing to SafetyDesign Mom, Fangirl

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A Few Other Links: 

  • I love the parenting around the world series at Cup of Jo. Recently, she talked about mothering in Spain.
  • This article that forces us to rethink disciplining kids has been making the rounds and will give you a lot to think about.
  • We just renewed our Costco membership, and I loved this article about how one woman shops there for herself and her husband (and she doesn't focus on freezing stuff!).
  • Have you seen this article on how to estimate the wealth of a city from space?
  • I loved reading this teenager's take on various forms of social media.
Here's what I've been doing:


We've been taking walks, spending time with family, redoing our deck, and growing a baby. Liam is at a fun age, and I see his preferences get stronger each day. We celebrated his second birthday, and I still can't get over the difference language makes in everyday life. I love being able to communicate with him. He is still a terrible, newborn-like sleeper, so we've got to work on that this fall before the baby comes.

I finally finished our family photo album for 2014 (and almost ordered it with a big 2015 on the front cover, but I realized my mistake at the last minute). It is over eighty pages, which might be overkill. I'm using Blurb this time, and I will post all about how it turns out.

After all the blogging aversion, I started to slowly miss it, and it forced me to clarify again why I love blogging so much (especially as I kept up with other blogs and reread tons of other early pregnancy posts!). In early summer, I was having doubts about whether my writing matters and whether blogging is significant. I was tired of the resistance I found in Liam when I tried to write with him around. So it was helpful to take a break. But the break showed me that I miss this space and the conversation that takes place online.


Coming up: I plan to share a list of some of the best picture books for children, our most recent family photo album, and some thoughts on church and parenting.

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How was your summer?