Baby Number 2 is...

A BOY! photo (20)

And we are so excited! Most people assumed we wanted a girl to even out our family gender-wise. While we would have been delighted with a girl, we were secretly hoping for a little brother for Liam. At our thirteen week ultrasound, the ultrasound tech and I agreed that Baby looked rather like a boy. But is was so fun to have it confirmed earlier this week. I never expected to have boys! I generally babysat girls--or at least families where the girl was the oldest as I am--so I pictured our family would have mostly girls. It's been the best surprise to find out how fun it is to be a boy mom, and I can't believe I ever pictured it otherwise.

The baby was opening and closing his mouth throughout the ultrasound and wiggling around. We loved seeing the look of a smile on his face. I've felt little flutters for a few weeks now, but they are becoming more solid kicks now. I can't wait to feel him move more and more beneath my stomach.

We're pretty sure we have a name picked out, but we don't usually decide 100% until the baby is born. We are so grateful for this new little life!

Now I just need to finish Liam's baby book so I won't be behind when the new baby comes. I can't wait to share it with you.