Vivid Dreams, Missing Teeth, and Links

IMG_2361 During both pregnancies, I have had really vivid dreams. When I was teaching, I would dream the next day's lesson plans in full detail and wake up exhausted because I would have to actually live each day again (or so it felt). Now I just have vivid dreams of everyday situations that leave me a tiny bit confused when I first wake up. Did I really see that person or not? Did that conversation really happen?

It's weird. And to Jon's surprise, I even dream while napping.

Anyway, I was napping the other day and having my typically vivid dreams. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that a few weeks ago, Liam was walking on the sidewalk and fell. The next morning, we found out he had cracked one of his front teeth from top to bottom (it had been whole-looking when we brushed his teeth the night before). At a traumatic first dentist appointment, it had to be removed. Since then, we are always terrified when he falls that he will hurt the other tooth. (Though I was fairly calm the first time, I think I might shed some serious tears if that happens!)


So the other afternoon, I had a dream that somehow the other tooth fell out and I was guarding it for Liam. Every aspect of this dream was vivid (though strange). For example, we were at some party at a restaurant. Somehow it was my tooth in my mouth but really I had to reinsert it and keep it for Liam. I finally stuck it back in and then I lost another tooth. This whole experience felt vivid down to the touch of the tooth and the fear of pain when I put it back in.

Then the teeth wouldn't stay. I'm so sorry if you're not a tooth person and this seems disgusting. It was a truly haunting dream. Right before I woke up, the tooth fell out for good. I was coming to terms with the fact that Liam was going to be missing more teeth (as was I).

When I woke up, I reveled in feeling all my teeth with my tongue. Then I started trying to figure it out. I had tooth falling out dreams all during college and teaching. When I finally talked to someone else who also had teeth-falling-out dreams, we looked up the interpretation (mostly as a joke). Apparently these dreams represent a fear of failure, which explains why I haven't had them since my teaching days (at least not often enough to notice).

But what does it mean that I was losing my child's tooth (rather than my own)? I am guessing it means I have a deep fear of failing my child. Or maybe it's a simple fear for his teeth? Or my own? Maybe I shouldn't have skipped flossing the night before. Or maybe I just need to schedule a long-procrastinated dentist appointment for myself.

It's hard to say for sure, but if you're qualified to interpret dreams, I obviously need help.

On to the links I've loved: 

  • I half-admire, half-want to question this couple who lives their lives as if they are in Victorian times. It was fascinating to find out that their use of Victorian-era appliances has made them appreciate quality even more.
  • I loved Lindsey's thoughts on old-school Internet and blogging.
  • Liam and I recently made this apple cake. It was delicious (and would have made the house smell so good if not for the spoon that melted in the dishwasher at the same time).
  • This article on the death of the party gave me a lot to think about, especially in terms of how social media and Netflix have changed our social habits and desires.
  • Both of these articles on our transition to a victimhood culture and the dangers of trigger warnings for students were fascinating reads.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!