What's Working: April 2017

This is where I share five things that are working well for our family right now--three for myself (or us as a whole), and one for each child. I love seeing what works for families at different points and hope this is beneficial. Minus the allergies, Spring has been so wonderful. Both boys seem to be less angsty, and we're really in a good season (both literally and figuratively) right now.  Here are a few things that are really working.

  1. Getting rid of stuff. I've written before about this (and my obsession with Marie Kondo). I love how getting rid of stuff frees up my mental space. I realized recently that what keeps me up at night is not big worries but little, silly things like whether the laundry is caught up or where something is. I read somewhere that almost anything you get rid of that you need again (which, let's be honest, rarely happens) can be replaced in 20 minutes, for less than 20 dollars, within less than 20 miles. Plus I tend to let stuff sit around until it can't be useful to someone else. I'd rather sell the bouncy seat before it gets mildew in the basement and give up the clothes I won't wear before they are totally out of season/fashion.
  2. Music. When one or all of us are in a funk, we turn on our speaker and jam to music. It changes our day 100%, especially for my littlest who just really seems to like music. I've been listening to Erin's playlist on Spotify or finding any good toddler music. Sometimes we find a Classical station when we try to have drawing time.
  3. Pancakes/Waffles. Once or twice a week, I make a batch of whole-wheat pancakes or waffles in the morning. The kids play on the deck, we listen to music or Podcasts, and I often tidy the kitchen between batches. Walt knows how to say "waffle" in his own unique way, and Liam asks for them often for a snack. Waffles are super helpful to have stashed in the freezer. I love this recipe (if you want fluffy waffles) or this one (with bananas), and this basic one is my favorite. I've tried to get back to eating almost solely whole grains, and it has definitely improved our health.
  4. Liam (almost 4 years old): He still loves preschool at home each day. He asks as soon as we wake up. Our activities are so simple (from The Peaceful Preschool) and tied to books. I do almost no prep-work (as opposed to our previous preschool at home), and the weekly rhythm of making his own alphabet flashcards with glitter glue is really helpful. The lack of prep means I have plenty of time to still find books and resources on topics that are interesting to us (for him right now, it's earthworms).
  5. Walt (15 months old): Walt has decided (in the last two weeks) to shun baths, high chairs, and shopping carts. One thing that has worked for meals (so I don't have to hold him in my lap!) is putting him at our child's table. Sometimes Liam will pull up a chair and sit with him (did I ever tell you about the Christmas my mom ordered one nice child's chair for Liam and they accidentally sent six?!).

What's working for you this glorious spring? I'd love to know!