What I'm Into: September 2014

photo 2 (15) I realized late* last night that we forgot to take a family picture in September (Liam was already in bed for the night). This makes us 8 for 9. I've considered taking a "September" picture today and counting it since September only has 30 days, and this could technically be September 31. Ah, the path of self-justification!

It's been a month of bubble-blowing, sidewalk chalk, and slow rambles down the sidewalk. With September came the refreshing taste of coolness that I needed. We spend so much time outside now. Liam is learning to play independently more and more, which is so cute to watch. He's been clingy for the first fourteen months of his life, which is fine, but this is a nice change.

We also celebrated Jon's birthday with the best cookie I've ever tasted. Then Liam and I dyed playsilks using the instructions here to send to my niece for her second birthday. We've also started making Sharpie and watercolor cards. Liam helps with the watercolor, although it's mostly water painting in the end.


One of Jon's college friends just left after spending a long weekend with us. The weekend was so much fun, and seeing old friends interact with your child is just awesome.

Liam was sick for the first time this month, and we've also made it to library storytime a couple of times (hoping the two aren't related!). Our strawberry plants are still giving us the occasional strawberry, and Liam loves it (although it's mostly a lesson in delayed gratification).


I'm still doing a lot of reading for my new site, Raising Kids These Days. I use the site to process what I'm reading, and I hope to eventually turn it into more of a conversation as others share their own thoughts, research, and anecdotes. biglittlelies

Five Stars: Big Little Lies: though it may seem at first to be a light read, this book deals well with some dark, complex issues and gives a good satirical look at society.

Other Reads: Me Before You (I listened to the audiobook and was completely captivated, but I'm not sure how I ultimately feel about it), Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (And Other Concerns) (Mindy Kaling's book is funny and a fast read).

Reading: Bronte's Shirley (because I needed a classic again!), Hold On to Your Kids, Simplicity Parenting, Booked

 Liam Reads: 

Duck and Goose Find a Pumpkin, B is for Bulldozer: A Construction ABC, Demolition, Planes Fly


We made the chili Summer describes in the comments here. It was amazing, and I can't wait to make it again.

My mom gave us an iron skillet recently, so I made this cookie for Jon's birthday which was just incredibly good. Like so so good. Like make it now. I even forgot the egg yolk and it was still good (major win!). I've made it twice in two weeks; the second time I had texted some friends, intending to give them half. They never responded, and in an appropriate ridiculously short amount of time we gave up and ate it for them.

 Loving: Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

I also discovered Dandy Blend, and we are hooked (and sharing it with anyone who will try it). It is similar to coffee (although not quite as robust), but I like it much better than decaf coffee. I am addicted; we've made quite a dent in a two pound bag in just a few days.

I love the concept of a capsule wardrobe and have been trying for a while to streamline my own. I have wanted a denim jacket to take the place of my cardigans, and I finally tried a few from Thredup and found the one I love. Thredup resales very gently used clothes. I have a bag to send out soon, so I'll let you know what I think from that end too. (P.S. If you sign up for Thredup with my link, we both get $10 to spend there!).

I also recently signed up for The Skimm, and I love it so far. It compiles news from around the web and sends it to you in a short email. It's perfect reading for morning coffee or for one-handed reading on the iPad while nursing a baby to sleep.

Links I've Enjoyed:

  • I loved reading Carissa's post about contentment, particularly in light of my obsession with tiny houses and minimalism.
  •  I love that Leanne and Ashlee both posted about being judged for not opting for VBAC. These posts were great reminders that in birth and parenting decisions, we need to trust and support the decisions of parents. Most people do research and know their options and make a decision they think is best for their family.
  • This was genius about organizing a notebook.
  • I recently discovered Alisa's site, and I'm so inspired by the way she incorporates art and creativity into her daughter's everyday life. Plus her projects are awesome!
  • For more of what I've been reading, check out this post.
  • This post on how your own personality affects your spouse's career was fascinating, and I also loved the post I read this morning on how having a stay at home spouse is a luxury for both husband and wife.

My Writing 

I have written this month a nearly-ranting post about why we can't keep making rules for how people use various social media platforms. I also wrote about incarnational parenting after a particularly rough few days of mothering. I added a new list of Liam's current favorite books and some housework lessons I'm learning because I wish I didn't, but I really struggle with housework. And I wrote about my desire to be naive again and return to some of the life-giving practices I grew cynical about.

Raising Kids These Days

As I mentioned, I use my new site to work through parenting/teaching/child-raising information I'm reading and researching. Please check it out, and feel free to leave comments! I hope it becomes a conversation where I can gain insight through the experience and stories of others. Some of my recent posts are below.

I'm linking up with Leigh Kramer for What I'm Into. Head over to check out other posts. I especially love Leigh's Storify, where she lists her favorite posts from around the web.

As always, thank you so much for reading! 

*late- 9:30 pm